Nice glass container. 11/18 A


Used a couple times.
Please be ready to schedule ppu or meet immediately Selling for my mom so might not be available same day ppu or meet Hitting interested = SOLD Hi I m Christina! HOLDS valid for 3 hours All items cross listed PPU $10 and under > scenic heights (9th/Creighton) 2/3 Mins from Creighton Walmart Ppu also avail for this item at my moms house off 9 mile & pine forest Meet locations: Cordova mall, Ross...
Brand new PLEASE READ! *Ppu is off of blue angel near saufley field *AB meet, but please ask first *Sunday meets in pace around 230 but please ask first as well *WATCHERS:Most of my items go to weekly online auctions so there is a high chance that they will be gone very soon After posting. *ALL items are crossposted and subject to pending quickly. *INTERESTED BUTTON means SOLD for me. Please do...
New..took out of box for the pictures
AB or PPU off Michigan Ave BW2-C
Very old reamer with detachable top & pour spout. Has several stains as pictured. PU in Warrington near Fairfield Dr & Gulf Beach Highway or AB
Bundle #6. Trivet, Pyrex dish, another dish, cheese Forks, juicer, and Good Seasons dressing bottle. Off Jackson and 65th or meet at AB. I can also meet or drop off while out around town. I will answer valid questions that are not already stated and will give a 6 hour hold once I have answered. After that, I will go to next in line.
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